Testing Out the Yeti Colster

People everywhere are having fun testing out the Yeti Colster trying to see how long it will keep their beverages cold.  It's a great innovation especially for people who enjoy carrying their beer or soda cans with them wherever they go.  With the Yeti Colster and how its designed to keep your beverage cold for hours you will enjoy carrying your beer can around even more.

In this video the guy places a beer can inside a Colster and sits the can in the 90 degree hot sun to see how long it will stay cold under these conditions.  By the way, this event is taking place at Coachella.  He sits the beer in the heat for 33 minutes and wants to see how cold it is.  He sips the beer and notices its surprisingly cold.  He gives the big a 5 star rating.

He's so amazed and his friend is asking who makes the Colster.  He mentions Yeti and takes another drink from the Colster and continues to be amazed.  He proved that Yeti makes a great product in Coozies and if you haven't gotten one yet you should.  There are other brands on the market besides Yeti which are much more affordable.