Yeti Cup vs Ozark Cup


On Youtube there are countless videos made about the Yeti Tumbler and the Ozark Tumbler cups.  Both cups are designed to keep your beverages cold for a super extended amount of time and hot likewise.  Who needs a beverage to stay cold for days inside a cup is in itself a wonder but people are going crazy over these cups.  They want to see if the Yeti which is priced 2 or 3 times as much as the Ozark is really worth the price and if it's really that much better than its cheaper counterpart. 

The guy in the video takes note of all the nuances of each cup like the rim of each cup, one being sharper than the other.  He also compares the weight of each cup, the weight of the lids, etc.  He fills up each cup with ice and weighs them again.  He then measures each cups temperature to see how cold they are.  He leaves the cups filled with ice sitting over a weekend and each cup lasted 45 hours approximately. 

After seeing the results its now anybody's choice of which one they want to purchase.  The Ozark is $10 and the Yeti is $40.  You decide.  Here's another brand below you can consider as well.  The Ibex Tumbler Mug is equal to the Ozark and Yeti but a little cheaper.



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